I would like to give this one million claps. My son attends a small liberal arts college on the east coast, we live in California. The school is promising a hybrid, but classes can be completely online for students who cannot live on campus. Like many schools, they have broken the semester in half, each half will be two courses. The semester will end before Thanksgiving and finals will be online for everyone. In the school’s most recent communication, they asked students who live within 75 miles to live at home. A 75 mile commute for two college classes? In addition, something along the lines of "you will have to vacate campus immediately should we abruptly close. Only bring to campus what you can quickly pack" is stated multiple times. Sports and organized group activities are cancelled. All of this for full tuition. There is no discount for students who must (or choose to) live off campus, and online credits from a cheaper community college will not be accepted. So $31,500 for four online courses or the semester off are our options? That’s fucking nuts. My son is immunocompromised, he will not be returning to campus for fall semester. Nothing in this plan is about students well being. It's not my responsibility to keep the college afloat, a private college is not a charity. No surprise the school is listed as perish. I am an irate hotel guest. One star for shitty service.

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